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Nash Athletic BodyWorks is a consulting service company specializing in the business of promoting and maintaining the mind, body and spirit through the integration of energy, exercise, soft-tissue and animal therapies.

NAB's Wellness Services are used by a variety of  tradesmen, medical professionals, performers and athletes  in an effort to prevent injuries and stress relief from repetative-use activities.  The Therapies and Workshops have proven to be beneficial to those that provide life services on a daily basis.

The BodyWorkShop provides Mind, Body and Energy Maintenance Solution Therapies for those that live, work and play in stressful environments.

​Our objective is to help you maintain the most important equipment in your home, work and play toolboxes to do what you need to do every day. . . YOU!
 About Us
The Orthopedic Massage Therapy training from the Orthopedic Massage Education Research Institute (OMERI), under the direction of Whitney Lowe, of Sister, OR; was utilized in the orthopedic rehabilitatiion of her own fracture injury under the care of Dr. Jack McPhilemy, PCOM Chief of Orthopedics and  Philadelphia 76ers Medical Director.  

A variety of Deep Tissue Therapy programs were developed and used for NBA, NFL, WBA and other professional/amateur athletic clients, including horses.

Arlita's motto, "Build a fit foundation, fit for life", is a reminder to her clients that their mind, body and spirit fitness is essential to a healthy lifestyle!
As Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist and Personal Fitness Trainer,  Arlita  provides a variety of muscle therapies for clients to suit their needs. 

Arlita began developing her Muscle Therapy style while training with NFL fitness training partners in preparation for Physique competitions over twenty years ago. While working with other Bodybuilding clients, an understanding was developed at how to use Deep Tissue Therapy techniques more effectively for thoses that need it most.

The training from The Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy was an aid in her Sports Medicine and Animal Therapy case studies.
Arlita J. Nash
"Ms. Nash is ​a wonderful masseuse; strong hands, attentive,
knowledgeable of the field, a consumate professional."

- Carlos Bradley -
 Fitness Expert, EVP -International Student Athlete Academy 
  former Defensive Linebacker: San Diego Chargers & Philadelphia Eagles 
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